Conversion options

Dataswitcher offers the following conversion options by default.

Nominal codes

We convert all nominal codes and their structure. The structure might be on a main level (ie. assets instead of buildings).

Customers and suppliers

We convert all customers and suppliers, with all their relevant data. Payment terms, addresses, contact details etc.


Depending on the tier you select, you get a better quality conversion.

  • Simplified: Dataswitcher only converts the opening balances of your customers, suppliers and balance sheet accounts
  • Basic: Dataswitcher converts the last two financial years, as journal entries
  • Pro: Dataswitcher converts the last two financial years in a higher quality format, ie. invoices with payments and automatic matching between payments. Pro can also convert in multi-currency (optionally)

Additional options

Dataswitcher also offers some additional options. These might be a paid option depending on the tier you select.

  • Items and stock: Convert all items and current stock values (if supported in the source system)
  • Multi currency: Convert all data in multi currency (bank accounts, customers, suppliers etc) (check your system conversion limitations if this option is supported)
  • Extra years: Buy additional years (in addition to the default two years)
  • Departments and projects: Convert departments and projects as locations / classes in the Quickbooks
  • Update company info: Will update the company information automatically in the Quickbooks Online when the conversion is finished

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