Post-conversion tasks Sage50

This article outlines the specific post-conversion tasks for Sage50 or provides more details for the ones listed in Quickbooks online. 

We expect that you have already covered the general post-conversion tasks and you can simply go ahead with the remaining ones on this list or check them in more details.

Click here for the general post-conversion tasks.

Check retained earnings

Sage50 uses a clearing mechanism (end of year) to clear the P&L accounts their balances. Most of the time this is sent to 3200. In some cases P&L accounts are not cleared (corruption in Sage50). This means that the balance in Sage50 for your retained earnings might be wrong. Dataswitcher specifies this in the beginning balance by splitting up the line for retained earnings in two lines:

1. Retained earnings Sage50 (t/10.00/f20.00): These are the calculated retained earnings in Sage50 before the conversion date (3200 nominal code)

2. Remaining earnings, uncleared in Sage50 (conversion): These are the earnings that Sage50 did not clear from the P&L accounts. This might be because the nominal codes had the wrong classification in the past

Make sure you agree to the retained earnings before conversion date and understand why these are split and might not agree with the ones in Sage50.

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