Create a backup: Sage Peachtree

This article describes how to create a backup in Sage Peachtree.

Before starting with the pre-conversion checklist., create a new backup.

Backing up creates one file that includes all company information and transactions at the time the backup was made.

In case you are doing a backup before clean up - we advise you to give this backup the name PRE_CONVERSION.PTB.

In case you are doing a backup to upload to Dataswitcher - we advise you to give this backup the name DS_CONVERSION.PTB.

To create a new backup file in Sage Peachtree, follow the following steps:

  1. Open Sage Peachtree and login to your company.
  2. Select Backup from the File Menu.
  3. Select the option to include the company name in the backup file name. If you do not check the box, the letter BU plus today’s date becomes the default file name.
  4. After clicking the Backup, the Back Up Company window opens.
  5. Select the computer drive and location where you want to save your backup file. Then, indicate the right backup file name as advised above.
  6. Click Save to create the backup. A message will then appear with information on the amount of space needed for the backup file.
  7. Click OK to continue.
  8. The extension for the backup will be PTB.

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