Make a backup: MYOB AccountRight

This article describes how to make a backup in MYOB AccountRight. A backup includes all company information and transactions at the time the backup was made. It is created and saved as a compressed file (.ZIP file) and can be stored in a safe location, which can be an online drive or an external storage device.

Before starting with the pre-conversion checklist, we suggest that a new backup should be created.

In case you are doing a backup before clean up - we advise you to give this backup the name PRE_CONVERSION.ZIP.

In case you are doing a backup to upload to Dataswitcher - we advise you to give this backup the name DS_CONVERSION.ZIP.

To create a new backup in MYOB AccountRight, please refer to the following steps:

1. Open MYOB AccountRight and login to your company.

2. Select Backup from the File Menu.

3. Select the location where you want to save the backup and provide a name. Please keep the password blank so Dataswitcher can access your zip file seamlessly.

4. Click on Back Up.

5. The backup file should now be available in your selected location. 

6. The backup is a Compressed Folder type, with extension ZIP.

If your MYOB AccountRight company file contains an Administrator credentials, please provide this information when uploading the file in Dataswitcher wizard.

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