Pre-conversion checklist Sage50

This article outlines the specific pre-conversion steps for Sage 50 UK.

We expect that you have already covered the general pre-conversion steps and you can simply go ahead with the remaining ones on this list.

Click here for the general pre-conversion checklist.

We will be doing the following (see the details below for each of the steps, also note that some steps are optional):

1 - Clean up and repair your Sage50 file (Optional)
2 - Do your taxes (VAT/GST) report for the remaining quarter (Mandatory)
3 - Extract post-conversion check data (Mandatory)
4 - Add a password to your Sage50 company (Mandatory)
5 - Send the new backup file (Mandatory)
6 - Keep your backup for audit purposes (Mandatory)

Step 1: Clean up and repair your Sage 50 file (OPTIONAL)

Important: Before following this step, make sure you have made the pre-conversion backup!

Click here to see how to create the backup

Sage50 data files can become corrupted over time. This is why we cleanup the data files before we send them to Dataswitcher. 

Clean up

Follow these steps to clean up the data files:

1 - Go to File > Maintenance
2 - Open "Recovery Tools"
3 - Make a backup (do not send this backup to Dataswitcher!), this is an additional safety step. This is a required step.
4 - Now click the following buttons in order:

1 - Recreate CIS History
2 - Recalculate Project History
3 - Recalculate Stock
4 - Recalculate Order Allocations
5 - Reset Bank Reconcilations
6 - Reset Transaction Status
7 - Recalculate Period Values
8 - Recalculate Transaction History
9 - Reindex and Compress All

5 - Click Close
6 - Answer No to the data check
7 - Go to the next step

Rebuilding the data files

Rebuilding is required to fix some issues with password authentication in Sage50. 

Since we have a backup we don't mind doing this. Open the Rebuild dialog (via File > Maintenance if you closed the window):

To enable the "OK" button tick and untick "Keep my Deletion log" and click OK and confirm that you want to rebuild the data files. After the rebuild is done. You need to "Compress Data" and compress all data files.

After these steps your Sage50 company should be in the best shape in years! 

Create another backup and call it DS_CONVERSION.001 - this is the file which has your latest changes and is cleaned up.

Click here to see how to create the backup.

Step 2: Do your taxes (VAT/GST) report for the remaining quarter (MANDATORY)

Note: If you use Cash based accounting, we advise you to migrate directly after close (and reconciliation) of the tax (VAT/GST) period. Otherwise the post-conversion tasks in QuickBooks Online can be a lot of work (considering partial paid invoices).

Dataswitcher needs you to do your first VAT report based on the old data in Sage50. Suppose we are converting on April 14 and we need to post our VAT report every quarter to HRMC. This means we are converting in the middle of a VAT period. You need to do a VAT report for the period April 1 until April 14 in Sage50. To start this process click VAT in the left hand menu in Sage50. After that click VAT Return and follow the steps.

1. Set the periods

Make sure to set the periods to the first date of your quarter and the conversion date (in our case April 14, in this case you need to click "Use custom date range").

After selecting the right period click "Calculate VAT Return".

2. Print the report

Click the button "Print VAT Return"

3. Store the VAT return

Make sure to store the VAT return on your computer in a safe place.

4. Make sure to reconcile your VAT return

Make sure to reconcile your VAT return, this will reflect the correct VAT balances in your 2200 and 2201 nominal codes.

After the conversion we will use this information to make a full report. We do this by adding the amounts in the boxes together (in the old and new software). You can read more about our VAT process here.

Step 3: Extract post-conversion check data (MANDATORY)

After the conversion is done, you need to be able to check the results. This is why we need to extract the following reports from your system:

1 - Profit and loss until conversion date
2 - Trial balance until conversion date
3 - Balances on your bank accounts
4 - Print a list of outstanding invoices of your customers and suppliers per conversion date

Step 4: Add a password to your Sage 50 file (MANDATORY)

If you do not have a password already, please add a password to the company. This helps avoid reading errors and gives your data an extra layer of security.

Step 5: Send the new backup file (MANDATORY)

When all the above tasks are done, send the new backup (the file you did the changes to) through our wizard. Remember to send us the right file (the file will be DS_CONVERSION.001 and not PRE_CONVERSION.001).

Click here to see how to create the backup.

When making the backup, only select "Data files":

This way the backup does not become unnecessary large.

Step 6: Keep your backup for audit purposes (MANDATORY)

Make sure you keep the extracted backup in a safe location for any auditing purposes.

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