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We are aiming to cover all the possible scenarios of your source accounting system when converting it to the new one, nevertheless because the systems subtly vary on how they are handling accounting, it is not always possible to convert everything and for all your accounting period. Hence it is important you take your time to understand the limitations of our service.

Learn more about conversion limitations for all systems.

Apart from the limitations listed in the article linked above, Sage50 also has the following ones:

Unposted transactions

If an invoice or a bill is not posted, it is not counted towards the financial results, and the transactions are not visible to the Dataswitcher, hence such invoices and bills are not converted to the QuickBooks Online. This is particularly important when reviewing your sales process. Any items raised in the 'Invoices and credits' module that are not 'posted to ledger' will not be migrated to QuickBooks Online. If you want these to be included in the conversion, make sure all of them are posted.

Year end transactions

Sage50 clears the P&L accounts by transferring the funds into a specific nominal code (normally 3200). The transactions that are posted with this account are ignored. This is because QuickBooks Online would otherwise count your company retained earnings twice given that it reports the year end close in a different way. If the classification of the nominal codes was wrong in Sage50 this might cause issues. Because a balance sheet account was wrongly classified as a P&L account.

Also if you used the reference "Ledger Year End" to clear out some balance accounts, this will cause differences on the balance accounts. Since Dataswitcher will filter out all "Ledger Year End" transactions. There is a manual correction needed in QuickBooks for these cases. It also means your Sage50 Balance Sheet has been wrong.

Departments and projects

  • Departments in Sage50 will become Locations in QuickBooks Online.
  • Cost centres will become classes in QuickBooks Online.

In Sage50, it is possible to specify departments on line level. In QuickBooks Online, this is not possible. You can only specify one department in QuickBooks Online.

This means an invoice with multiple departments in Sage50 will end up in QuickBooks Online as only one department.

By example: You have an invoice in Sage50 with two lines. The first line is specified as department X, the second line is specified as department Y. In this case, Dataswitcher will convert the invoice with department X.

Department 0 will not be converted as this is an internal department in Sage50. This cannot be converted to QuickBooks. If location and classes is selected as an additional extra, the conversion will be done in journals only.

Bank payments and bank receipts

Bank payments and receipts will be migrated as being journal entries in QuickBooks Online. All financial data will be migrated, but you might miss historical data like payment references after the conversion.

Sage version

Dataswitcher support conversions from version 16 and higher. Lower versions have to first be upgraded to version 16 (or higher) before we can support it.

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