Extract data from Banklink

Dataswitcher will migrate only coded entries you export from Banklink to Quickbooks in the period you select. Including the Chart of Accounts. To complete the migration you need to export three files from Banklink:

  1. Chart.csv - Holds the chart of accounts including the types
  2. Transaction.csv - Holds all the transactions to be imported
  3. Balance.csv - Holds the current account balances so Dataswitcher can check the migration for you

To start the process, open Banklink and open the company (BK5 file). 

Step 1: Extract the Chart of Accounts

  1. Go to Reports > Listings > List Chart of Accounts
  2. Choose Print Full Chart
  3. Select "File" and use the options in the screenshot (CSV) and click "OK"
  4. When banklink asks if you want to view the file, click "No"

Your chart of accounts, should have the following columns:

  • Code
  • Description
  • Account Group
  • GST Class
  • Basic
  • Posting
  • Inactive

Step 2: Extract the Transactions

First we will change the accounting system settings, so the file format is correct. Then we will clear the transfer flags so we can actually export all the data we need. You can check the screenshot as a reference.

  1. Go to Other Functions > Accounting System
  2. In System Used select Generic
  3. Leave Account Mask as is
  4. Check Lock Chart of Accounts
  5. Load Chart From - Select the path to your exported Chart file in Step 1, in our case this is C:\BanklinkExport\Chart.csv
  6. Save Entries To: Select the path to export the entries to: Select the path to the Transaction CSV, we choose C:\BanklinkExport\Transaction.csv
  7. Set Tax Interface Used to (None)
  8. Set Web Export Format to None
  9. When you click "OK" Banklink will ask you to refresh the chart, it is important to click "Yes" here

Before continuing make sure all the transactions are coded (for the period you want to export to Quickbooks).

Now we will clear the Transfer Flags, to make sure Banklink exports all the data. 

  1. Go to Other Functions > House Keeping > Clear the Transfer Flags for a Period
  2. Set the period you would like to export to Quickbooks
  3. Click "OK"

We can now export all the coded transactions.

  1. Go to Other Functions > Extract Data
  2. Choose the period you want to extract (all entries within this period, have to be coded)
  3. In Save Entries To, choose the path where you want to extract the transactions to. We choose C:\BanklinkExport\Transaction.csv
  4. When you click OK, Banklink will show you the entries that will be exported. Make sure to export all the accounts (do not deselect any accounts). Click OK again to complete the export of the transactions.

Your Transaction.csv file should have the following columns:

  • Number
  • Bank
  • Date
  • Reference
  • Account
  • Amount
  • Narration
  • Quantity
  • GST Class
  • GST Amount

Step 3: Extracting the balances

Dataswitcher needs to be able to check your migration. For this we use the Ledger Report from Banklink.

  1. Go to Reports > Ledger Report
  2. Check Accounts: All
  3. Uncheck Include Accounts with no movement
  4. Select the exact same period, you have used for exporting the Transactions in Step 2
  5. Set Format to "Summarised"
  6. Uncheck "Show Opening / Closing Balances"
  7. Click on "File"
  8. Save the file as a CSV, we choose to export it to the same folder: C:\BankLinkExport\Balance.csv
  9. Click "OK"
  10. When Banklink asks you to preview the file, click "No"

The Ledger Report screen should look like:

And the Save Report File should look like:

Your Balance.csv file should have the following columns:

  • Account
  • Description
  • $ Gross
  • $ GST
  • $ Net

Step 4: Uploading in the wizard

You need to upload the three CSV files you extracted from Banklink to the Dataswitcher wizard. We will verify them for integrity and start the migration to Quickbooks Online.


I do not see "Extract data" under Other Functions 

Please contact Dataswitcher for a solution to activate this menu-item

I do not see Clear Transfer Flags under Housekeeping

This means your accountant, has sent you a file that does not allow clearing of these flags. You need to contact your accountant to send you a file with more permissions.

When exporting the Transactions I get an error: Account "X" has uncoded entries, you must code all the entries before you can extract them

Double check if for the period you selected, all entries are coded. If not, you are required to code them before exporting. You can also reduce the period to only include coded entries. 

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