Conversion limitations MyOB Banklink

We are aiming to cover all the possible scenarios of your source accounting system when converting it to the new one, nevertheless because the systems subtly vary on how they are handling accounting, it is not always possible to convert everything and for all your accounting period. Hence it is important you take your time to understand the limitations of our service. 

Learn more about conversion limitations for all systems.

Apart from the limitations listed in the article linked above, MyOB Banklink also has the following ones:

Multi currency

Not supported, since it is not supported in MyOB Banklink.

Transactional history

Dataswitcher only imports transactions you export from Banklink in our guide. Any transactions you do not export, will not be migrated to Banklink. For example if you export only the transactions in 2019, Dataswitcher will check and migrate only those transactions. Everything before 2019 will not be imported. Within the period that you export, all transactions have to be coded for Banklink to enable the export.

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