Pre-conversion checklist Reckon Hosted

This article outlines the specific pre-conversion steps for Reckon Hosted. 

We expect that you have already covered the general pre-conversion steps and you can simply go ahead with the remaining ones on this list.

Click here for the general pre-conversion checklist.

Step 1 - Do your taxes (VAT/GST) report for the remaining quarter (Mandatory)

Note: If you use Cash based accounting, we advice you to migrate directly after close (and reconciliation) of a taxes (VAT/GST) period. Otherwise the post-conversion work in the Quickbooks Online can be a lot of work (considering partial paid invoices).

Step 2 - Extract post-conversion check data (Mandatory)

After the conversion is done you need to be able to check the results. This is why we need to extract the following reports from your system:

  1. Profit and loss until conversion date
  2. Trial balance until conversion date
  3. Balances on your bank accounts
  4. Print a list of outstanding invoices of your customers and suppliers per conversion date

Step 3 - Set a password for your Reckon Hosted company (Mandatory)

If you do not have a password already. Please set a password for your company file. This helps avoid reading errors and gives your data an extra layer of security.

Step 4 - Keep your backups for audit purposes (Mandatory) 

Make sure you keep the backup of the Reckon Hosted in a safe location for any auditing purposes.

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