Conversion limitations Reckon Hosted

We are aiming to cover all the possible scenarios of your source accounting system when converting it to the new one, nevertheless because the systems subtly vary on how they are handling accounting, it is not always possible to convert everything and for all your accounting period. Hence it is important you take your time to understand the limitations of our service.

Learn more about conversion limitations for all systems.

Apart from the limitations listed in the article linked above, Reckon Hosted also has the following ones:

Multi currency

We do not support the multi currency conversion at the moment, but we can still do a conversion in a home currency.

Departments and projects

Not supported at the moment.

Converted as journal entries

Checks and Creditcard charges will be converted as journal entries.


Subcustomers will be converted as their parent customer. This is because Reckon Hosted does not split payments between these entities and Dataswitcher can not convert them as such.

Post conversion comparison

When you compare your trial balances post-conversion. Make sure to use the Accrual setting in both systems. Dataswitcher will bring the data over correctly, but both systems use a slightly different approach when calculating the cash trial balances. This means you might see some differences on your income, expense and debtor and creditor accounts. 

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