Pre-conversion checklist Adsolut

For Adsolut, there are a couple of steps you have to take in Adsolut before submitting the zip file. Follow the steps in order to make sure the balances are updated accordingly.

Be aware around limitations around the opening balances in Adsolut

The limitations around opening balances are described in the conversion limitations of Adsolut. You can find that article here.

Create a backup via these paths:

NL - Systeembeheer > Backup kantoorbeheer

FR - Gestion du systeme > Backup gestion de bureau

DE - Systemverwaltung > Backup Buroverwaltung

EN - System management > Backup office management

You can find the backup in the location you ran the backup to. The file ends with .zip.

Note: Please ensure that only *.bak files are compressed and submitted during the conversion (for smaller file size and faster results).

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