Conversion limitation Adsolut

When converting Adsolut, there might be several things that you need to check post conversion. We list all of them here. Most things below will be mentioned in the conversion log as well. You can find this conversion in the destination system post conversion (under documents).

Only finalized transactions will be posted

We will only post finalized transactions from Adsolut. If a transaction is not finalized (centralized) we will not include the transaction in the conversion.

Periodic tables might be changed

We might need to change your periodic table to stop overlaps or gaps from happening.

If you had no tax reports, your company data will not be included

Your company name and address details are not always included in the conversion because Adsolut stores this in different tables than the backups.

Opening balances

Dataswitcher will try to the best of its ability to recognize opening balances. Some scenarios that are not detected are explained below. It is always recommended that you verify the opening balance of every year in the conversion. For the best detection it is adviced to put these transactions in period 0 when creating such an transaction. These will always be recognized and filtered out. Overall, Dataswitcher will try to find the first opening balance within your conversion that matches the date range (ie. for 7 years and conversion in 2020, we will find the opening balance for 2013) in your file and use that as a starting point. All data before that will be ignored. If Dataswitcher fails to find a opening balance in a year we will try to convert 2 years instead of 7 automatically. It is always advisable to check if all your years have a correct opening balance. Otherwise there might be unexpected results. 

Non-closing opening balance

If the opening balance transaction that was found does not zero out the previous year, we will create a correction booking that needs to be addressed. This correction booking has to be in balance otherwise it will not be included.

Ending balances

Ending balances will only be detected if by the following year, they are also opened by an opening balance.

Opening balances not on the first day of the new year

Opening balances that are not dated on the first day of the new year, are not considered as opening balance transactions.

Skipped years in periodic tables

If you have skipped years in your periodic table, the opening balances might not be recognized.

No opening balances at all

If your file had no opening balances at all, you need to check your migration in the destination software without opening balances.

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