Cash VAT post-conversion

When you convert a company that is using cash basis for VAT, you will have to manually change the open invoices to include VAT. Make sure that you have enabled taxes in your QuickBooks Online before taking the following steps:

1. Open the invoice

Please note that this will only be done for open invoices. The initial VAT information should come from your Sage50 VAT reports.

2.Change the VAT line

We have to change the Sage VAT line to include taxes. Toggle "Amounts" are to "Exclusive of Tax" and pick the right tax rate next to the sales line. After you have changed all the lines and the cumulative VAT amount is what you expect, you can remove the Sage VAT line.

3. Save the invoice

Save the invoice, which should now be including tax.

This makes sure the VAT actually shows up when you do your first VAT report in QuickBooks Online. You can still follow the rest of our post-conversion tasks for taxes.

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