Matching payments

When choosing matched payments as a conversion option, Dataswitcher tries to also migrate the payments and link them to the invoices and journal entries and other entities (i.e. vendor/customer credits). 

If there are payments on accounts and payment discounts, Dataswitcher will first see if they are matched in the originating package (example Sage50). If they are not matched, they are still brought across as journal entry so you can match them manually.

Dataswitcher uses a journal entry as beginning balance. The QuickBooks API we use to post the data has a limitation so that we can not link journal entries to payments.

For example, if you still owe a supplier 33260.72 GBP before the conversion start date, this will be brought over as a journal entry:

You might have to send a payment in 12631.88 GBP to correct this balance:

But Dataswitcher cannot link these entries together (even though Dataswitcher knows these entries belong together), this is because of limitations in the QuickBooks API.

The end balance for the supplier will be correct, but some entries will show as overdue. 

Most matches that cannot be made through the limitations at QuickBooks are linking Vendor Credits / Customer Credits to Journal entries. Example if you have an unmatched Payment on Account in Sage50, this is converted as Journal Entry. Then this journal entry is matched to the credit note. Dataswitcher cannot link the Vendor Credit and the Journal Entry so these entries show as overdue.

To quickly find what suppliers / customers are affected, you can also open the A/R and A/P overview. And find the customers and suppliers with an open balance of 0.00.

To correct this you have to take the following steps (for every supplier and customer):

1. Open a customer or supplier

Open a customer / supplier to check if the issue is there.

2. Check if the "Open" amount equals the "Overdue" amount

If they do not match, go to step 3.

3. Create a payment to link the entries

Click create new payment (or cheque in case of a supplier). Click "Add all":

QuickBooks will automatically match the amounts if they add up to 0. If they do not match to 0 you need to make multiple payments and group the transactions manually.

For the payment date, pick the date you want to apply the payment. In our case, we will apply the payment on April 2019.

You can also pick the day of today if you do not mind the trial balances for customers / suppliers being wrong during the conversion history period.

It can also be you are unable to match. This might be because you have a lot of Payments on Accounts which are not linked to other transactions in Sage50. The balances for these payments however have to be brought over to close your bank balance. When you receive invoices of your vendors you can always link these invoices to the open Payments on Accounts.

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